CACHITOS is proud to offer Epic Espresso coffee from 49th Parallel, a complex and exquisite blend that perfectly balances sweetness and bitterness. The attention and level of care given to the coffee, from grinding the beans to the heating of the milk, allows us to please the palate of the most devoted of coffee-lovers, no matter its form:


ESPRESSO simple shot
ALLONGÉ espresso with more water
MACCHIATTO espresso with milk foam
CORTADO espresso with a drop of milk
BOMBON espresso on a layer of condensed milk
CAPPUCCINO espresso with less milk and more foam
LATTE espresso with more milk and less foam
CAFECHITO cappuccino over a layer of condensed milk
MOCHACCINO capuccino over a layer of chocolate
MOCHA LATTE latte over a layer of chocolate
VENEZUELAN STYLE brown, with-milk, “tetero” (baby bottle), light, dark, large or short. In all it’s shapes and sizes, coffee is part of our cultural identity!




The Caféchito is a delicious gourmet-coffee, created by the Cachitos baristas. Prepared on a bed of creamy, sweetened condensed milk is a frothy cappuccino, gently powdered with only the finest cocoa and topped once more with fine strings of sweetened condensed milk. Offering you several levels of pleasure, the Caféchito is a coffee-dessert of our own making.



The bonbon coffee, is an espresso on a bed of sweetened condensed milk, that when stirred creates an exquisite dark coffee, strong and sweet, a real bonbon! This drink is originally from Alicante, Spain



Allow us to offer you some from our variety of infusions: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Chai, Chamomile and Peppermint. Would you rather a Tea Latte? Iced tea? With just a splash of milk? Let us know, it’d be our pleasure to satisfy you.