About Us


After harbouring the dream of making the Cachito international for 14 years, Maria Liliana Madriz, along with Rubén Ferrer and their partners Leandro Agostini and Carmen Lanza, finally made that dream a reality. On February 20th 2012, CACHITOS opened its doors, a small venezuelan bakery & café, with the main product as its namesake, and also combining a variety of products, internationally known desserts, breads and coffees as well as their venezuelan counterparts, all of which are entirely made in Cachitos.

It  was in December 2010 that these couples took on the challenge of bringing into the spotlight a completely new and unknown product to those who live in Montreal (not counting the Venezuelans there). Nevertheless, confident in its versatility, deliciousness and practicality, they never doubted that Cachitos would quickly become a reference point in the heart of the city.

A visit to Cachitos has become a completely pleasant experience, delicious, culturally enriching and even fun, since whenever you enter you will always be greeted with a smile and excellent service, that will lighten up your mood no matter how sombre, and will help you start your day with a smile. You can enjoy our range of products, always deliciously fresh, and at the same time learn what the Cachito means and a little more about Venezuelan gastronomy. Furthermore you can enjoy the cheerful illustrations, tour our basement, where our exclusive illustrator Marianne Ferrer is continually adding onto our black and white forest of charming and imposing animals, and finish off the tour by taking a picture with the Cachitos horns, the typical picture-proof of having been at Cachitos.

Cachitos is a store unique in its style, since not even in Venezuela could you find a place that specializes solely in the Cachito, with as much variety of flavours and where that magnificent bread takes the starring role. In Venezuela, the Cachito is merely one of many common bakery products and is generally only found in a limited amount of flavours.

We who took on this project believe, now more than ever, in the goodness of this product and we pledge to put a stop to CACHITOS being the best kept secret of venezuelan bakery, and to turn it into THE PAIN NOUVEAU, present in every home, around the world.